Oxygen© is our take on combining Meeting Design and Learning Experience.  We believe that the best learning is designed, putting the learner in the center of our design process, but with a clear focus on the end goal in mind.


 Learning should be an experience

Oxygen© has a number of Interactive learning formats, designed to enhance the interaction and engagement with the audience.


We use our own learning platform during our workshop and breakout session to encourage participation and maintain maximum engagement.


To fully access learning and unlock its full potential, we have included microlearning, gamification and Peer To Peer learning to allow the educational experience  to be agile and reflect the specific personality and needs.


Personalizing the Learning journey

A simple hello can lead to a million things, and part of a great learning experience is to feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.


A simple welcome message from a keynote speaker, easy access to presentations during workshops, instant feedback and participant engagement is just part of our learning experience.


An essential part of Oxygen© is our interactive communication platform, which enables you to wow your participants with video messages, presentation downloads and optimizing interaction during breakouts and workshops.


No apps needed, just a simple text message for easy access and instant communication.


Memorable and Measurable

With Oxygen© we collect data and analytics to optimize both personal and professional ROI.



with you all the time

Wherever you go Oxygen will go with you.
At the tip of your fingers it comes alive - just touch

Event & communication platform

It's all you need to be communicating with
and activating your audience.