Brand activation

Whenever a brand gets emotional

we tend to:
  • Buy more
  • Like more
  • Share more


At Pankaik Experience we activate and when working with brands the focus is on bringing the target audience from one state to another by bringing the brand to life.


Action through interaction = deeper personal connections. 

98% of users feel more inclined to purchase a brands product after attending an activation* 98%
85% of event marketers agree that sustainability is a top priority when planning events** 85%
84% of leadership (Vice President and C-Suite) belive that In-Person event are a critical component of their company’s success*** 84%

*EventTrack | **Agency EA | ***


A few words about the paths you can pick:


Experimential Marketing (Engagement Marketing)

This is what goes on (experience) in the real world and does not exclusively involve brand specific products, but also believes and social responsibility. Take a look at how Nivea Men in collaboration with Liverpool FC get emotional with “Dear Liverpool FC…”


Samples and Free Trial Campaigns

Both live in the mall and digital (we’ll send you a sample or download code)


This is well used to get the attention from possible future users of your product (take a look at the conversion numbers in the box above) – but you still need to get their attention.

Ask the audience to post pictures on SoMe with your product.


On-site activation (B2C)

This type of activation is brilliant to host a get-together at your HQ or store so the audience can see and sample your products. Make sure to create additional value by adding BENCHMARKS© by Pankaik Agency or similar activations. Pour the champagne, host a BBQ and make the audience feel valued.


Industry Events and Trade Shows

This is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and try new techniques, sample products or even being experimental. But don’t just stand there. Have impact – know your strengths and shout it out. Activate your brand and dare to be emotional.



the speakers corner of tomorrow


Here’s how it works:



At a defined location in the city we set up your BENCHMARKS©

and invite people to show up at a given time to hear what you have to say – it’s open to the public.


E.g. Your brand agrees with the agenda and the sayings of environmentalist Greta Thunberg and invites her for a BENCHMARKS© speak powered by your brand.


There are several additional ways to activate that specific event in the example – let us help you with that.


At your BENCHMARKS© is also a QR-code at which attendees immediately can download further information about the topic and your work within. A brilliant way to show your CSR.



Whether it’s at a conference, an exhibition or at your HQ you can have your BENCHMARKS© the same way as we create the outdoor event. Only difference might be limited access for outsiders – but that can be solved.