Braindate (by e180)

The Braindate Story

We believe that the people around us hold the knowledge we need to help us overcome our challenges.


We built Braindate to help event participants connect with each other to do just that. To tap into each other’s knowledge in a meaningful way, so that they are inspired by the people they meet and the knowledge they gain.


Participants use the Braindate platform to share their knowledge and book one another for braindates leading up to and during an event. At the event itself, they meet in person in the Braindate Lounge to dive right into their braindate topics.


Where Braindate goes, rich learning opportunities abound: mentorship becomes organic, great ideas find unexpected champions, and participants feel like they were finally able to make the right connections with one another.


We believe that integrating learning into the fabric of events will transform the event industry.